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In the hyper-connected era of business, we currently inhabit, robust mobile applications are no longer a luxury but a necessity.

With over 2.5 billion active devices, Android leads the mobile OS market, signifying an unparalleled potential for businesses to connect, engage, and grow.

Choosing an Android app development company that fails to meet expectations can result in below-standard impacts on business functions.

To aid your strategic technology planning, we have meticulously curated a list of 10+ Android app development companies, renowned for their capability to deliver innovative solutions, drive operational efficiency, and unlock competitive advantages for their clientele.

As the gateway to your digital transformation, these companies can guide your journey, converting your visions into tangible applications, and ultimately accelerating your business performance in the Android ecosystem.

Company Minimum budget Hourly rate Clutch ratings
Scrum Digital $1000+ $25 – $49 / hr 4.9*
ScienceSoft $20,000 $50 – $99 / hr 4.9*
Saigon Technology $10000 $25 – $49 / hr 4.9*
Innowise $20,000 $50 – $99 / hr 4.8*
Vention $50,000 $50 – $99 / hr 4.9*
Surf $5,000 $50 – $99 / hr 5.0*
Appinventiv $10,000+ $25 – $49 / hr 4.7*
Fueled $75,000+ $150 – $199 / hr 4.9*
Blue Label Labs $75,000+ $100 – $149 / hr 4.7*
ZCo Corporation $10,000+ $25 – $49 / hr 4.8*
Emerge $20,000+ $150 – $199 / hr 4.8*

Top Android App Development Companies

1. Scrum Digital

Scrum Digital

Scrum Digital, a leading Android app development firm with offices in the USA and India, boasts a broad portfolio and a clientele featuring notable companies such as Empire Medicine, Premier, and Urja, among others.

The company serves multiple industries including, healthcare, real estate, food and beverages, retail and e-Commerce, travel & hospitality, education & learning, entertainment, and media, etc.

With over 3 years of expertise in the industry and the successful completion of more than 150 projects, Scrum Digital has established itself as a front-runner in the world of Android app development.


  • Mobile application development
  • Web application development
  • API development and management
  • eCommerce app development
  • UI/UX designing
  • Cloud solution

2. ScienceSoft


Established in 2005, ScienceSoft has a rich history of developing Android mobile apps that have consistently received high user appreciation.

Their portfolio boasts over 350 successful mobile projects, including the prominent messaging and VoIP app, Viber, which enjoys a user base of over a billion.

The 30+ members strong Android team at ScienceSoft brings an average experience of over 5 years and extensive proficiency in Java, Kotlin, JavaScript, and C#.

They specialize in crafting both native and cross-platform Android apps that offer swift loading times, seamless functionality, and effortless scalability.


  • UX and UI mobile app design.
  • Native (Java, Kotlin) Android app development.
  • Cross-platform (with React Native, Flutter, Xamarin, Cordova) development.
  • Back end, web app, and API development.
  • Assistance with publishing and maintaining apps on Google Play.
  • Continuous Android app support and evolution.

3. Saigon Technology

Saigon Technology

Saigon Technology is a reliable provider of mobile application development services, known for its consultative approach, comprehensive development, and innovative design of mobile apps.

With a substantial team of developers, the company assures complete transparency throughout the entire development process.

The team ensures that the final product aligns with your unique requirements, keeping you well-informed at every stage of the app’s development cycle.

Beyond development, Saigon Technology also offers superior after-sales service and support to ensure your app operates seamlessly at all times.


  • Custom App Development
  • Automated Testing and Quality Assurance
  • UI/UX Design
  • Prototyping
  • Monitoring and Power Use Tracking
  • Project Consultation

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4. Innowise


With a business history spanning over fifteen years, Innowise Group is a seasoned Android app development company.

Housing a team of 1400 developers engaged in diverse projects like mobile app development, UI/UX design creation, and app testing, the depth of their experience and expertise sets them apart in the industry.

Innowise Group adopts an uncomplicated yet effective development methodology: they commence by comprehending the client’s needs and then work tirelessly to fulfill them.

The company places a significant emphasis on user experience and satisfaction. They take immense pride in delivering apps that not only boast superior quality but also ensure ease of use for their customers.


  • Custom Android app development
  • Ful-cycle app development
  • Android development consulting
  • Android development outsourcing

5. Vention


With domain expertise spanning over 30 sectors, including e-commerce and education, Vention is equipped to design business-essential apps tailored to your specific demands.

They integrate the Google Pay API into eCommerce apps to enable dynamic shopping experiences, while their educational mobile solutions foster interaction and engagement for learners.

Vention’s Android applications deliver optimized, data-informed user pathways for a smooth user experience. The firm also provides software services for state-of-the-art web and mobile products.


  • Android UI/UX design
  • Quality Assurance and testing
  • Post-launch services
  • Migration and Porting Services
  • Comprehensive Android ecosystem apps

6. Surf


Surf, a premier Android app development company, has been at the forefront of the industry for over twelve years. They undertake a plethora of projects, encompassing mobile app development, UI/UX design, and app testing. Their rich experience and proficiency distinguish Surf from their competitors.

The development strategy employed by Surf is simple but potent: it begins with an in-depth understanding of the client’s needs, followed by a steadfast commitment to meet them. The company underscores the importance of user experience and satisfaction in their work.

7. Appinventiv


Appinventiv revolutionizes mobile experiences by constantly exploring and leveraging emerging technologies.

The company is known for delivering innovative, robust, and scalable technology solutions to clients across various industries, including healthcare, e-commerce, retail, finance, and more.

Appinventiv’s team comprises experienced developers, designers, and strategists who use the latest technologies and methodologies to build products that align with their client’s business objectives.

The company has a reputation for delivering projects on time and meeting the quality standards set by its clients.

They operate with a client-centric approach, focusing on understanding their clients’ needs, their target audience, and the market trends, to develop digital solutions that provide a competitive edge.


  • Android App Consultation services
  • Android UI/UX Design
  • Custom Android Application development
  • Android Software Testing
  • Multi-platform services

8. Fueled


Fueled stands at the forefront of digital transformation, catering to a diverse clientele that includes international brands, burgeoning unicorn startups, and Fortune 500 companies.

Through strategic planning, intuitive design, and robust development, they craft user-centric technology solutions that excel in the competitive marketplace.

Fueled distinguishes itself with a unique approach that combines strategic thinking, user-centric design, and cutting-edge technology. The team at Fueled comprises strategists, designers, and developers who collaborate closely with their clients to create digital solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations.

They have a reputation for creating engaging, user-friendly applications that succeed in today’s highly competitive marketplace.


  • Android development
  • React Native development
  • Flutter development

9. Blue Label Labs

Blue Label LabsBlue Label Labs collaborates closely with brands and entrepreneurs, implementing a comprehensive approach that blends design, strategy, and engineering.

Guided by a customer-centric mindset, their team makes inventive decisions that offer solutions for constructing and evolving businesses.

They specialize in designing, developing, and marketing mobile and digital products. The company serves a diverse clientele, ranging from small startups to large enterprises across various industries.

Blue Label Labs is known for its integrated approach, combining innovative design, strategic planning, and top-notch engineering to create high-quality, user-friendly digital solutions.

The team at Blue Label Labs consists of experienced developers, designers, and digital strategists who collaborate closely with their clients to understand their needs and deliver tailored solutions.


  • Android Development
  • iOS Development
  • Web Development
  • React Native Development
  • Clover POS

10. ZCo Corporation

ZCo Corporation

ZCo Corporation delivers appealing and robust solutions for its clients utilizing tried-and-tested techniques.

As one of the most substantial app development entities worldwide, it demonstrates a passion for offering top-tier software development services. They specialize in custom software development, including mobile app development, enterprise software, and games.

ZCo Corporation has a reputation for creating high-quality, robust software solutions for businesses of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. They work across a range of industries and have been praised for their ability to deliver complex projects on time and within budget.

Their team comprises experienced software developers, designers, project managers, and other technology professionals who work collaboratively to meet the unique needs and goals of each client.


  • Android app development
  • Hybrid apps
  • Progressive web apps
  • Medical apps

11. Emerge


Emerge Interactive is an active Android app agency focusing on the video game sector and software development.

They assist clients and employees in generating value through digital solutions. The company focuses on creating transformative digital experiences and platforms that empower businesses and users.

Emerge has a team of strategists, designers, and technologists who collaborate to create digital products and experiences that drive business growth and customer engagement.

They work with a range of clients, from startups to established businesses, and across industries like healthcare, financial services, and more.


  • Mobile app development
  • Enterprise custom application development
  • Systems integration and API development
  • Solution architecture
  • Web development
  • Technology planning and evaluation

What are the Processes Involved in Android App Development?

What are the processes involved in Android app development

Creating an Android app involves a sequence of key stages, each essential to the success of the final product. Here’s a basic breakdown of the process:

1. Idea Generation and Market Research

This initial stage involves refining the app idea, identifying the target audience, and conducting market research to understand the competitive landscape and potential demand.

2. Planning and Strategy

This stage entails defining the app’s features, functionalities, and overall user experience (UX). It also involves deciding on the technologies to be used and planning the development timeline and budget.

3. Designing the UI/UX

This process involves creating wireframes, mockups, and interactive prototypes of the app to define its structure and flow.

User Interface (UI) design aims to make the app visually appealing, while User Experience (UX) design focuses on usability.

4. App Development

This is the stage where coding starts. It’s typically broken down into three parts: the back-end/server technology, the API(s), and the mobile app front-end.

5. Testing

Once the app has been developed, it undergoes rigorous testing for usability, compatibility, security, interface checks, performance, and more. This stage helps identify and fix any bugs before the app is launched.

6. Launch and Deployment

After testing and making any necessary modifications, the app is ready to be launched on the Google Play Store.

7.  Maintenance and Updates

Post-launch, the app needs regular updating and maintenance to fix bugs, make improvements, and add new features as per user feedback and changing market trends.

What are the Languages Used in the Android App Development Process?

Android app development

Developing an app requires using a programming language. Here are some of the most common languages used in app development:

Java: The most commonly used language for Android app development. It is an object-oriented language that is easy to master and offers several open-source libraries to help developers.

Kotlin: A cross-platform language that is fully interoperable with Java. It is now officially supported by Google for Android app development and it’s known for its conciseness and safety features compared to Java.

C#: It is commonly used in combination with the Unity game engine for mobile game development. It’s a versatile language that can also be used for developing Windows phone apps.

JavaScript: The language is used in combination with HTML and CSS for developing cross-platform mobile apps via frameworks like React Native, Ionic, or Cordova.

Python: While not commonly used for mobile app development, Python is sometimes used to develop mobile apps, especially for use with the Kivy platform, and it’s popular in server-side development and AI-driven features within an app.

Dart: It is the programming language used in the Flutter framework developed by Google. It allows for the development of natively compiled applications for mobile (Android and iOS), web, and desktop from a single codebase.


In this changing business landscape, finding a top Android app development company that truly understands your vision is vital.

Among numerous contenders, ScrumDigital has proven to be an industry leader, setting itself apart with its remarkable Android app development services.

From startups to established enterprises, their team delivers bespoke solutions that meet the distinct needs of their clients.

Don’t miss the opportunity to work with a custom Android app development company that genuinely values your success.Mobile app development

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