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Scrum Digital is an industry-leading PPC advertising agency that can help you attain high-quality leads and boost sales. With the right strategy and budget, we can get you instant visibility on Bing and Google Ads even for the most competitive keywords in the industry. We have a team of highly-skilled and experienced paid search specialists to manage your campaign successfully even on the most sophisticated platforms. We make data-driven decisions and meticulously optimize your campaign by converting visits into sales. We help grow your business in a cost-effective way and get you high-returns.

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Distinct PPC Services

Distinct PPC Services for Small, medium & Large Enterprises

We have a team of highly motivated PPC experts who are dedicated to delivering exceptional results through our customized PPC services. Our goal is to ensure that our clients achieve their desired outcomes and maximize their return on investment. Here are some of the advantages of our PPC services:

  • Google Ads
  • Bing Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Shopping Ads
  • YouTube Advertising

Our Bouquet of PPC Services Includes

Our PPC services aim at retargeting ads domination, ranking top in search engines, ensuring that your ads appear more prominently than your competitor's ads, stay abreast of developments to Google AdWords, demystify pay-per-click advertising management.

Creating a Landing Page

a Landing Page

We create a well-designed and optimized PPC landing page for impactful PPC campaigns that gets you more leads and delivers high ROI.

Ad Campaign creation

Ad Campaign

Our PPC experts will set-up the most effective and creative ad campaign that is bound to get you high conversion.

Retargeting Ads


We use retargeting or remarketing campaigns to connect with the past site visitors and to produce high click-through rates and desired ROI.

Enhanced ROI


Our PPC specialists will deliver a robust PPC campaign that will increase your website traffic, brand visibility, and improve your return on investment.

Campaign Management


Our team manages and tweak bids for every campaign, and consistently monitor click-through rates and cost-per-click for better campaign management.

PPC Ads across diverse platform

across diverse platform

We help you run paid PPC campaigns on a wide variety of platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Google, and Bing, etc.

Industries We Serve

The breakneck pace at which digital transformation is taking place is not a surprise. We design solutions depending on a company’s size, products, internal workflow, customer base, and much more.


Health Care


Real Estate


Food & Beverages


Retail & E-commerce


Travel and Hospitality


Education & Learning


Entertainment & Media

Don't just adapt to the digital future. Shape it with us.

Why Select Scrum Digital for
Pay Per Click

Scrum Digital promotes your brand offering, which offers complete control, provides flexibility, and promises instant and faster results, enriched with dedicated account managers and having an enhanced web presence.

Dedicated Account Manager
Dedicated Account Manager

We will assign you a dedicated PPC specialist to manage and track your ads campaigns with precision and deliver desired results.

Enhanced Web Presence
Enhanced Web Presence

We are a reputed and result-driven PPC Company in USA that can help you attain improved online presence and boost your business.

Faster Results
Faster Results

PPC advertising can fetch quick and instant results with the right strategy. Partner with us to get the best quality leads and revenue that too at a reasonable cost.

FAQ's for PPC Services

We understand you face doubts when trusting someone with your business. Our experts answer here the most frequently asked questions on digital solutions to help you make a wiser decision.

Pay Per Click or PPC advertising is a specific type of search engine marketing created to draw attention to your website. When a user searches for certain keywords, your ad will appear in the search results. As the name suggests, you only have to pay when a user clicks on the ad.

In the highly competitive world, it’s quite tough to get your site on page one of search results. With PPC ads your website gets “front and centre attention” and it is also displayed to the customers who are looking specifically for your products or services. Plus these advertisements can be more affordable to small businesses compared to other kinds of advertising.

There are several options available when it comes to PPC advertising. Google Adwords is among the most popular ones. There are also several others like Microsoft Bing Ads and Yahoo Search Ads. There are also other sites that offer PPC advertising but they account for less than 10% of the market share. Whereas Google AdWords and Bing Ads are responsible for almost 90% of the PPC advertising market.

The Pay Per Click ad appears at the top of the search results and also along the right side of the list of results. Google allows you to show ads on google search lists as well as partner sites. Bing ads on the other hand allow showing PPC ads next to search results on Bing search engine, Yahoo and MSN sites and other digital space owned by yahoo and Microsoft.

Scrum Digital offers the top quality PPC management services in the Industry.Having a relevant amount of experience, we help you dominate top page ranking on social search engines and get the desired ROI by turning visits into sales. We help grow your business in a cost-effective way and get you high returns.

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FAQ's for PPC Services

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