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A good programming language is a conceptual universe for thinking about programming, says Alan Perlis an eminent computer scientist. Choosing the right programming language is essential for successful mobile app development. Today, a rising number of small businesses demand the best language used for app development. Knowing which programming language to use for your app development can make all the difference and help you get the best version of the app.

In this article, you will discover the 7 best programming languages for mobile app development in 2023. Having a basic knowledge of these languages will help you to decide which one is most suitable for your requirements. 

Importance of a Programming Language for Mobile Application

Importance of a Programming Language

Languages are computer tools that are used to create software programs and applications. In this way, developers can create a set of instructions to be followed by the application. By giving commands, the user instructs an application or software to execute input or perform a task. 

Apps are programmed using programming languages to define their behavior or functionality. Developers write code using the best mobile programming languages for mobile app development and frameworks to enable specific features and functionality.

7 List of Best Mobile App Development Languages in 2023:

1. JavaScript

JavaScript is a world’s most popular development language. Developers use Javascript to create dynamic and interactive web content such as applications and browsers. Mobile apps for iOS and Android are developed using Facebook’s open-source React Native framework.

Cross-platform solutions are best developed using JavaScript, making it a widely popular programming language across the globe. More than 90% of all websites use JavaScript as a client-side programming language. Java is considered to be the best language for mobile app development.

Programming languages like JavaScript are the backbone for mobile apps and are used worldwide. Approximately 12 million JavaScript developers were active worldwide. 

2. Kotlin

kotlin - popular programming language

Kotlin is statically typed of mobile application development language. You can also use Kotlin, a general-purpose programming language. It supports functional programming and is interoperable with Java. Most Android apps can be developed with Kotlin, making it a popular programming language. Android app developers prefer this language since they can write code more easily with it, which speeds up the development process.

One of Kotlin’s best features is that it allows developers to spend more time thinking about their ideas and less time writing low-quality code. Developers can use Kotlin to develop Android mobile apps, web applications, and server-side software.

3. Objective C

A simple programming language, Objective-C allows sophisticated object-oriented programming. One of the best languages for app development, the Objective-C programming language is a small, powerful extension to ANSI C. The object-oriented language Objective-C was developed in 1984. Objective-C was the primary language used for iOS development before Swift. One of its greatest advantages is that it allows you to use C and C++, which Swift does not allow. The Apple iOS operating system supports dynamic typing and message passing between objects. 

This language is a superset of C that offers object-oriented capabilities as well as a dynamic runtime.

In contrast to Objective C, C is a procedural language that doesn’t support objects and classes, while Objective C is an object-oriented language that incorporates both procedural and object-oriented concepts.

4. C++

C++, language for developing mobile apps

Programming languages and operating systems can be developed using this cross-platform programming language. The most powerful and strongest programming language for developing mobile apps is C++.

In addition to Photoshop, World of Warcraft, Google Chrome, and PayPal, it is the programming language used to create some of the most powerful tools.

Besides being one of the best programming languages for mobile apps, it can also be used for web development. C++ is a powerful platform for building cross-platform mobile apps for Android, Windows, and iOS due to its powerful debugging experience.

Several top app development companies use C++ for developing platform-independent mobile apps in the present day, which drives the mobile industry. As a result of its super-fast code execution time, it is ideal for low-level programming and is mostly used to build high-performance mobile applications.

5. Flutter

Google’s Flutter is one of the latest cross-platform development languages for mobile apps, launched in 2017 for better app development. It includes many widgets and tools. Visually appealing and natively compiled mobile, web, and desktop applications can be developed with only one codebase.

It is a cross-platform software development kit (SDK) that contains prewritten code, ready-to-use and customizable widgets, libraries, tools, and documentation.

Developers can customize and render very quickly using it, and it is both time and cost-efficient. The other advantages of using Flutter include the fact that it is open source, free, and easy to maintain and develop. As a result, most developers use it for the development of Cross-Platform Apps. 

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6. C#

c#, object-oriented programming language

This programming language is widely used by Microsoft to develop applications that are high-level, object-oriented, and general-purpose. This programming language is the 6th most popular in the world that provides a great coding experience and is considered the best coding language for app development.

The C# programming language is an object-oriented, component-oriented programming language. C# supports these concepts directly through language constructs, making it a natural language for creating and using software components. New workloads and emerging software design practices have been supported by C#.

7. Python

The Python programming language is easy to read and learn, which makes it a great choice for app development. There are also plenty of resources available to help you learn the basics of this language used for mobile app development.

Moreover, it supports both iOS and Android devices, which means you don’t have to switch languages when using it.

The Python language has a wide variety of libraries that make building the perfect app easier than ever before. If you are a keen learner of the crypto market, you must have read about the rising use of the Python language in designing crypto apps. 


These are some of the best programming languages for mobile apps 2023. Over the past few years, mobile apps have become essential for businesses to grow. New versions of mobile apps are being released all the time, and a wide variety of them are available.

Over a million apps are available on app stores worldwide, so knowing which is the best mobile programming language is important. At Scrum Digital we help you upscale your business digitally in this competitive world of technology. We use cutting-edge technology to build robust applications for businesses of all sizes. If you are looking for the best app development company then visit Scrum Digital 

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