The online food delivery business has witnessed a whopping revenue collection of $185 billion approximately in the US. During the Covid lockdown, restaurants and cafes continued to operate through these food delivery channels for business survival. However, since then, several businesses have adopted the online medium to deliver orders faster, specifically takeout.

Seeing the growth that skyrocketed, you should invest in the best food delivery app. This will help you diversify your service channels, meet your customer’s expectations, and earn the required exposure and visibility in the market. But before you do so, knowing more about the food delivery apps will be more helpful. With this guide, you can learn more about the pros and cons of different software programs and the pricing plans for your business.

Why Do You Need a Food Delivery App For Your Business in 2023?

Before you collaborate with any food delivery app business, learning about the importance of such a partnership in 2023 will be beneficial. After all, you will be entering the digital market through the application, and your decision might be wrong if you do not have the clarification.

Therefore, to help you understand this software program in a better way, we have discussed some of the benefits you can enjoy with the food delivery app in 2023.

  1. The food delivery application market is expected to witness a total valuation of $384.70 billion by 2027. The number sounds promising; therefore, you will be okay with collaborating with an online food delivery business.
  2. Out of every 10 people, at least 6 usually place orders online. However, they prefer to go for something other than a dining restaurant or takeout. Instead, they prefer to have the food delivered to their preferred location. Therefore, if you want to match the current expectations of your customers, you should collaborate with the best online food delivery services in your city
  3.  Also, you won’t have to form a delivery channel alone as the company will automatically manage its fleet and ensure your orders are delivered to the destinations on time. It also means there will be no burden for root and traffic optimization, finding urgent solutions for last-mile delivery routes, etc.
  4. You can easily focus on your business and several other areas that require your attention once you partner up with a company that can deliver all your orders to the destinations.For instance, you can delegate your efforts and time towards menu optimization, quality control, improvement of the restaurant infrastructure, recruitment process, and so on.
  5. With the best meal delivery service, you can deliver the food items ordered much faster to the destinations, regardless of where it is located from your restaurant. Besides, such a model is ideal for cloud kitchens where there is no option for dine-in

What Food Delivery Apps Will Reign in the 2023 Market?

1. Uber Eats

Uber eats food delivery apppp

One of the most popular food delivery apps is Uber Eats. It is based in San Francisco and was launched in 2014 as a subsidiary business channel of Uber cab company. To be precise, it is used in over 24 countries or more than 500 cities. Thanks to the already established market presence, you will only have to put a little effort into marketing your business.


  • It has the largest and most reliable delivery network
  • Provides unrestricted access to the Uber customer base
  • Built-in marketing tools for gaining more exposure and visibility


  • It needs to be integrated with the POS system of your restaurant
  • The competition level is relatively high due to the presence of top-range restaurants in the circle

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2. ChowNow

ChowNow food delivery app

One of the best applications for fast food delivery is ChowNow. It has gained a vast customer base thanks to reliable delivery channels and network performance


  • Has a trustworthy and licensed driver team
  • It comes with multiple built-in marketing channels


  • Doesn’t conduct marketing by itself
  • Delivery locations are limited

3. Toast TakeOut

Toast TakeOut Food App

Toast takeout is perhaps one of the best food delivery apps that do not charge any Commission fee on placing orders or dispatching them directly from the restaurant.


  • It can be integrated with sales and POS systems
  • Offers reordering facility on the mobile app
  • Helps manage peak time orders through throttling


  • Restaurant branding is limited
  • It doesn’t offer flexibilities like a white-label business

4. DoorDash

DoorDash Food App

DoorDash works with restaurants, grocery stores, and retail shops in the FMCG and food and beverage industry. It has approximately 56% market share in the US, proving to be the largest delivery company.


  • The software is compatible with both iOS and Android
  • Provide access to different restaurant cycles
  • It has a vast delivery network


  • Taxes are levied on the charges
  • Delivery hours are strict

5. Grub Hub

Grub Hub Food App

If you are looking for a flexible but cheapest food delivery app, nothing will be as extraordinary as Grub Hub. It is ideal for opening a ghost kitchen and getting the required exposure for business expansion and revenue increase.


  • Order management system with API integration
  • Offers a vast and extended delivery network
  • Can help establish a virtual kitchen model


  • Competition is fierce
  • Marketing services are chargeable

6. Postmates

Postmates food delivery app

Postmates is another excellent example of an online food delivery application, as it has been taken under the wing of Uber Eats. It has access locations to 2940 cities across the country and has partnered with more than 100,000 retail shops.


  • Offers all the benefits of Uber eats
  • Members receive an exceptional or exclusive benefit package
  • Offers extended delivery hours for a better customer experience


  • Brand recognition is limited to certain cities only
  • Highly competitive marketplace

7. Caviar

Caviar Food Delivery App

Caviar is a fabulous food delivery app that has recently gained an enormous fanbase. It offers outstanding opportunities for small and medium-scale restaurants to have the required visibility and exposure


  • Exclusive branding tools
  • Larger and diverse network in metropolitan cities
  • Reliable and trustworthy drivers


  • Doesn’t have advanced marketing tools
  • Available only for DoorDash users

8. Food App is one of the best food delivery apps with which you can access several locations within the US, regardless of whether you have a simple restaurant or a grocery store. Besides, it can handle huge orders, almost half the catering size for various locations.


  • Has an extensive customer base of more than 3 million
  • Ideal for B2B food delivery businesses
  • Several restaurant partners are available


  • Brand recognition is not up to the mark
  • It doesn’t offer any POS integration

9. Eat24

Eat24 Food App

Based in San Francisco, Eat24 was established in 2015 and had Android. Wide customer base. The application is available for mobile interfaces, including both iOS and


  • Can help you access the customer base from Grub Hub
  • It comes with several built-in marketing tools
  • Offers integration with POS and sales system


  • Commission charges are more
  • Not ideal for small-scale restaurant businesses

10. Food Panda

Food Panda Food App

Food Panda is one of the best food delivery apps, with a valuation of $3.05 billion. It has already established a vast market worldwide, which is why partnering up with it will be beneficial in the long run.


  • Offers excellent opportunities for startups
  • Gives your business a competitive advantage
  • Mobile interface integration is available


  • The competition level is pretty high
  • Strict delivery hours

How to Choose the Best Food Delivery App for Your Business?

As there are so many different options for food delivery applications, finding the right one for your business can take time and effort.

Also, you have to invest a certain sum of money in the application, which is why choosing haste can prove you wrong. To help you out, we have discussed some factors to consider while choosing the best food delivery app for your business.

  1. To maintain a seamless food delivery channel, you should check whether the application is popular in the market. For example, if we compare Uber Eats with, the former option will be more feasible to get more prominent exposure since it is more popular and reliable.
  2. You also need to check the customer base for each application to know if your chosen option can be aligned perfectly with your business requirements. For instance, if you have a fast food business, go for a delivery app that has already collaborated with different fast food businesses.
  3. A pricing plan is also a significant factor in collaborating with an ideal food delivery app. Usually, most businesses offer subscription models. So, go for a company whose subscription models allow you to access their delivery channels seamlessly. Also, ensure the subscription can be scaled according to your business requirements while the prices should be affordable and comparative.
  4. One of the essential factors you must notice while looking through different apps for prepared meal delivery is performance. For instance, the app should have different plugins and APIs for feature extension and integration. This will help you to manage all your business functions with ease.
  5. Also, the delivery app should have an intuitive interface so that using it won’t be a hassle. After all, you cannot expect your employees to be as tech-savvy as the professionals who have developed the application.

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In this article, we have introduced you to the best food delivery apps in trend in 2023. Based on your business convenience, expectations, outreach, and several other factors, you have to decide which application you want to integrate with your restaurant business.

Also, you have to ensure the chosen app can meet all your business requirements and deliver consistent performance, whether it is through faster order deliveries or advanced route optimizations.

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