5 Strategies for Branding on Social Media

Building a unique identity on social media is doing branding. Only the Logo and cover photo on your profile cannot do branding. The value it creates is not enough for branding.

Creating constant engagement, and resources of communication through strategy by creating content and all the assets across the market. It will let you know how your users feel about your presence on social media and business. 

When it’s about branding on social media. It is very important to let them know about your business through your social media services, presentation, profile, and communication on all digital platforms. When you decide to design and execute your brand’s presence by using social media platforms, you have to do it by certain characteristics. 

To perform better across social media platforms, you have to know some of the approaches and practices. To deliver strategies for branding on social media, make sure to follow these:- 

1. Cover Your Basics

When you create your account on social media make sure to use a consistent logo, bio, font styles,  and use good colors. Many companies change their logo slightly depending on the space and the audience’s interest.

For the logo, you need to make sure your profiles have a common thread of identity on social media platforms. As it will make people recognize your brand easily. 

Action Steps:- 

  1. Do social media audits on all platforms
  2. Be consistent with your logo, banner, and post to maintain cadences. 
  3. Do posting consistently.

2. Extend Your Visual Branding

Now you have compatible profiles across all social media channels. Take the next step to build a visual brand image.

Make sure your consistency should be visible in your images, elements, graphics, and themes on the social media profiles. Every post you share among your users should always reflect the same traits and serve with the same motive.

By using infographics you can indulge your users better than words. So you have to focus on your design, creativity, and quality to show your brand image. The motive of your services and communication should be listed in the audience’s memory. 

Action Steps:-

  1. Stick to a visual style guide
  2. Make photos and videos that define your brand presentation traits, color, and aesthetic value.
  3. Use the same graphic format for announcements. 

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3. Build Your Marketing Personas 

If you want to reach your audience effectively, work on your marketing personas constantly across all platforms.

If we talk about Pinterest and Instagram, they don’t have the same audience and have different aspirations. Some persons have a different motive, depending on the idea and offering of that platform. 

This is clear that it makes sense to create multiple marketing personas for every different platform.  When creating personas, make sure to assign your customer’s base user roles and map them with different platform objectives.

To target small enterprises, it is better to use Instagram than Twitter.  Use this way, to choose the right marketing personas and target the right audience use content, ideas, and communication to get a response from the audience. 

Action Steps:- 

  1. Create different marketing personas.
  2. Create content that is bout with personas.
  3. Examine your audience with different demographics

4. Create Your Brand Voice and Tone

When you are done with captions, copies, and visuals, the next step is to build your brand’s voice. It’s about the style, character, opinion, personality, and interactive value that it holds as a brand.

To drive brand voice, many brand personas can be grouped into Competence, Excitement, and Sophistication. Select from those that suit your idea and think about which tone will interact with your audience. 

Keep in mind that your voice and tone describe your brand reputation and build your brand with your ideas and way of communication. 

Action Steps:- 

  1. Audit your tone according to the situation. 
  2. Gather all the team members to create a brand voice. 
  3. Use your voice and make it assertive and perceptible.

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5. Create Different Accounts for Different Areas of Your Focus

It all depends on your business’s range, scope, and the activities you do to increase your social media presence.

If you are handling it from different locations you are presenting it to a lot of the audience. It is very difficult to reach by one account the relevant audience. So, it is clear that having different accounts for the same platform will be beneficial.

Action Steps:- 

  1. Make sure to do efforts and proper tracking of all your accounts. 
  2. Do your branding constantly on all accounts. 
  3. According to the offerings make changes in category. 


 If you are using these actionable strategies for social media platforms you can surely get leads to your business in the desired manner. You can make a good value for your social media presence by social media marketing and reaching the right audience.

When you are doing this make sure to prepare all the plans. Be focused on using the right strategy. Contact us for the best results through social media deals with digital trends. 

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