If we continue to treat content as an extra to information architecture, content management, or anything else, we miss a bright opportunity to influence users. Content is not a nice-to-have extra. Content is a star of the user experience show. Let’s make content shine.

If we continue to treat content as an extra to information architecture, content management, or anything else, we miss a bright opportunity to influence users. Content is not a nice-to-have extra. Content is a star of the user experience show. Let’s make content shine.

WordPress has ruled the CMS market for a really long time, however, development and changes in the business have leveraged the power of new, more technically knowledgeable players. 

It is estimated that over the years the CMS market will grow with a CAGR(Compound Annual Growth Rate) of almost 17%. The numbers are estimated at around $36 billion in 2018 and are required to create around $123.5 billion by 2026.

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33% of that development is relied upon to come from North America. 

It is additionally fundamental to consider that the worldwide web content management  (WCM) market, is now driven by content-related tools, for example, content examination, advanced resources the executives, and altering instruments. 

While CMS stays the main segment of the business, we experience the executive’s arrangements make up a developing segment of the market.

Key factors that sway the CMS business’ development are influenced by an increment of interest for digital transformation solutions, developing advanced retail areas, and purchaser interest for omnichannel encounters.

Content Management System

As technology is advancing, everything over the internet is going through a drastic change. From simple eCommerce stores to complicated online games everything is adopting the new technology with open arms. 

Our experts share here some of the technology trends that guide the CMS Software Development Solutions at Scrum Digital. 

1. Utilization of AI in CMS is Rising 

As Artificial Intelligence takes over the charge the drag ‘n drop and WYSIWYG editors have taken a backseat. Some advanced content management systems like WIX and others, are now utilizing AI to make it simpler to develop and run a website than any time in recent memory. It has changed the way the developers and clients fabricate, make activities, and even make a duplicate for their sites. 

One of the renowned organizations CMSWire reports AI could assist CMS with producing content, plan destinations, accelerate testing, and even give input on content. 

Tech giant IBM predicted that as 2021 wraps up, 90 percent of large-scale industries will be running their first AI-based solution. 

With such strong claims, it becomes easier for businesses to rely on technology. Our tech-geeks make it a point to deliver solutions that are driven by artificial intelligence and can help you leverage the power of technology in the fixed defined time.

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2. Expanded Demand for Headless CMS 

The whole idea of Content Management System Development is to make it simpler for businesses to manage their content without delving into professional coding complexities. If we consider the trends till the mid of 2020, services that depend on content-based sales and sites are reliably moving to headless CMS solutions in the year 2021 for change in accordance with the quickly expanding content utilization scene. 

  • The reception rates of Headless CMS have changed by various folds in the short span of a year. 
  • According to research, around 86% of individuals feel good about headless CMS and not just this, around 63% of individuals who utilize a headless CMS love it.

As the market sees small trends growing stronger and sharper there is a need to build a business environment that is comfortable working with headless CMS and results equally well. 

3. Voice Search Gains Popularity 

The technology entered the market in 2007 and since Voice search has been ruling the internet.

“Hey Google, 
Please Find the Best Place to Dine-in Near Me!”

“Hey, Siri, 
Play a party number for me!”

Please update the cricket scores.”

And whatnot. You are speaking to your devices now and the businesses need to understand this. As the audience is now talking to their devices it has become quite important for them to develop content management services that can take voice search instructions. Although the technology is disregarded to a great extent, the reality is no time would be a necessity to build a business that supports voice search clearly. 

Most frameworks offer SEO highlights for the customary look. Nonetheless, the voice search industry is quickly developing and worth focusing on. 

If we look at what the numbers have to offer us, we would see that till 2019, customers have spent more than $2 billion through voice-based internet shopping. The voice shopping market is required to surpass $40 billion by 2022. 

If we consider certain growth standards the rise in voice search would see a tremendous expansion with new technology involved by the end of 2021. 

By the end of the year 2040, around 95% of the things on the internet would be available for voice search without any claims. 

Once the voice search and image search compatibility are excepted for custom CMS Solutions and worked on by the organizations, there would be some more surprises that would surely take a toll on the content pattern that goes over the internet. 

4. Expanded Need to Manage Chatbot Content 


The ascent of chatbots is another pattern those focusing on the CMS market should watch out for. The manner in which a CMS oversees content necessities to acclimate to serve the requests of robotized chatbots better, as Gartner predicts:

Since 2020, chatbots can now self respond to 85% of queries in all client care discussions continuously.

Also by the end of the last decade, the normal individual was having a bigger number of discussions with a chatbot than their companion.

Chatbots are the personalized salesman for any business and they need to interact with the audience in a way that the purchase is made. Over the years the market has seen various kinds of chatbots and there is still no stopping. 

5. Move to Cloud to Reach the Zenith  

Our CMS development company suggests relocating to cloud storage would work well for various reasons. It would let organizations have a chance to work all the more proficiently and with more prominent versatility, while it can empower you to improve on your substance the executives that will demonstrate savvy over the long haul.

Considering these elements, it makes sense that an ever-increasing number of associations will move to the cloud. With growing enterprise mobility, the need for cloud computing solutions is becoming the need of the hour instead of a choice.  

According to a new study report by Gartner, “by 2022, 75% of all data sets will be sent or relocated to a cloud stage, with just 5% at any point considered for bringing home to on-premises.”

Thus the world is folding its sleeves up to adapt to the new changes in a way that they can make the most of the solutions in a limited time without much hustle and bustle. 

Wrapping It Up!

With technology expanding and the outbreak of pandemics bringing different colors, along with other small changes in the digital and the business era, Content Management System Solutions around the world have seen exponential growth in demand and exclusive features. 

If you want a custom CMS solution developed only to suit your business needs and designed in a way to help you earn the best results then you are surely at the right place. Just hire our developers and see your business rule the digital domain. 

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