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In the past few years, fantasy football apps have seen a great deal of demand. The demand for fantasy sports apps has led to the development of fantasy apps in general.

Over USD 21.46 billion was generated in the Fantasy Sports Market in 2021, and it is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 14.2% during the forecast period. Getting high-value players through trades and free-agency pickups is one of the best parts of fantasy football.

In order to do that, you need an app that can handle the massive number of pickups each day. Whether you are seeking an app that will help you set your lineup strategically or one that will research the best fantasy football draft picker, we will be able to assist you.

A fantasy football platform allows players to create teams of players who play in the current NFL season or in previous NFL seasons using a fantasy football team analyzer. These apps are popular with sports fans for the following reasons:

  • Multiple customization options
  • Choose duplicate & emergency players
  • There are different rules for different leagues
  • One game in a week
  • Several playoffs and knockouts are held

Further, a champion round is held at the end of the tournament. The winner has the maximum points. Fantasy football players know the importance of finding the best fantasy football app that looks good, provides timely information and is easy to use.

Do you start a player on Injured Reserve because of an app that doesn’t provide good notifications?

We’ve all been there. Make sure that doesn’t happen again. In anticipation of football season, here are five of the top fantasy apps.

1. The ESPN App

The ESPN AppESPN is available on both Android and Apple devices. All the features of the website are included in the mobile app, along with a few extras. Along with setting up your league, ESPN App provides a great user experience for checking standings and live scores, as well as managing your team.

Also included is access to live fantasy football statistics from NFL players and teams, as well as video clips, podcasts, and news articles.

Features of the ESPN Fantasy Football App:

  • Customized league game with your friends
  • Customized rules
  • Easy to use
  • Deep analysis of players
  • Shoot predictions and earn
Owner Disney
Price- Free/ in-app purchase
Installs 5,000,000+
Android. iOS ratings- 3.9/4.7

Available on : Android & iOS


2. NFL Fantasy Football

NFL Fantasy FootballNFL Fantasy Football app is a great way to learn about fantasy football basics. The app is also useful if you want to keep track of injuries and lineups for your favorite teams.

The NFL Game Pass app allows you to stream sports games live on your TV using a cable or satellite service such as Dish Network or DirectTV. Using this service, you’ll also be able to watch games from out-of-market NFL teams. A diehard sports fan looking to keep up with all the action should definitely download it.

Features of NFL Fantasy Football 

  • Compare the best teams and players with a fantasy draft analyzer
  • fantasy + to have an unmatched experience with comfort.
  • Intuitive navigation for best interface in both iOS and android platforms
  • Get free match highlights just with the user account
Owner     NFL Enterprises LLC
Price Free with in-app purchases
Installs 5,000,000+
Android/iOS ratings 4.1/ 4.6

Available on : AndroidiOS


3. CBS Fantasy Sports 

CBS Fantasy Sports 

CBS Fantasy Sports is among the most downloaded top fantasy apps. CBS Fantasy Sports has become a trusted name in fantasy sports since its launch in 2013.

In addition to offering up-to-date team news and expert analysis, the app also provides mock drafts to help users prepare for their real drafts. Users can manage, track and get the best advice related to the game effortlessly with a fantasy football team analyzer.

CBS Fantasy Sports Features

  • One can chat with their opponents
  • Stats are projected
  • Trading is easy
  • Easy updates
Owner CBS Interactive, Inc.
Price Free with in-app purchases
Installs 1,000,000+
Android/iOS ratings 4.4/ 4.6

The app is available for iOS and Android devices, as well as Apple Watch.


4. DraftKings


DraftKings offers a free web application. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store and log in with your fantasy league website credentials. With the DraftKings Fantasy premier league app, you can navigate and understand the interface as if it were a real football field.

A player’s team colors (home team on offense) and position are displayed; Defenses can be further divided based on defensive linemen/ linebackers/defensive backs schemes used during last season’s games. Offenses are divided into offensive linemen/ quarterbacks/running backs/tight ends.

Draft Kings Features

  • Make your team
  • Interstate football games
  • Friend-to-friend matches
  • Make cash
Owner DraftKings, Inc.
Price Free
Installs 5,000,000+
Android/ iOS ratings 4.7/4.9

The app is available for iOS and Android devices


 5. DraftPunk


DraftPunk is a mobile app that helps fantasy football players create sleepers, rank players, and prepare for drafts. This is one of the best fantasy football platforms on the market today, allowing users to draft companion tools, create cheat sheets, and simulate mock drafts!

Players can be sorted by value rather than score rankings or replacements in the app. Before drafting any player into your team, you can ensure they are performing at an appropriate level by comparing them to players in other positions. There are many features that make this app exceptional, making it one of the best.

Draft Punk Features

  • Customize draft settings
  • Swipe effects
  • Better rankings
  • Add multiple players
  • Auto-generated player report
Owner Josh Clemm
Price Free with in-app purchases
Installs 100,000+
Android ratings 4.6

Available on Android


What the future holds for Fantasy Football Apps?

Since 2019, fantasy sports apps have experienced exponential growth. More apps are being developed and released every year than ever before. Over 1 million new fantasy apps were created by developers worldwide in 2019.

Compared to just 100,000 in 2015, that’s a staggering increase! In recent years, apps have changed how people play fantasy football. Managing your team and tracking your progress in real-time is now easier than ever.

It has evolved from being a simple game of picking your favorite players to become an industry involving big data, statistics, and even artificial intelligence. Fantasy football fans have become more dependent on apps as a result of this evolution.

A report published by Technvaio estimates that the global fantasy sports market size will increase by USD 6.11 billion by 2026. In addition, it predicted a CAGR of 6.51%. If you are a football fanatic, it might be time to invest in fantasy sports app development.

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